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Second home
The Malaysia My Second Home Program originated from the "Silver Project" issued by the Ministry of Tourism in 1996 to encourage foreign retirees to stay in Malaysia for a long time. In 2002, the government changed the name to "Malaysia Second Home Programme". In August 2021, a new policy was introduced, the application conditions were greatly adjusted, and the deposit limit was increased.
In 2019, nearly 8,000 groups of clients applied for the two, surpassing the EB-5 in the United States and becoming the world's most popular immigrant investor program. Since 2011, the number of Chinese applicants has continued to increase, accounting for as much as 35% in 2019, and these two sets of data fully demonstrate that Malay second homes are very attractive to people who want to move overseas. Expats who obtain the status of second home in Malaysia enjoy Europe-American level medical care, education in the Europe-American system, and high-return investment to provide better accommodation and education environment for children and parents.
24-hour hotline
Advantages of the second home
Applying is easy and fast
There is no need to explain the source of funding
No need to start a company
Applying is easy and fast
There is no need to explain the source of funding
No need to start a company
Enjoy Benefits
Unlimited entry and exit in Malaysia
The price threshold for buying a property in Malaysia is low
Foreign income and pensions are exempt from taxation
Enjoy affordable, high-quality educational resources
Healthcare is abundant and affordable
You can enter and leave the country freely during the MM2H visa
All states and federal territories in Malaysia have a house price threshold for foreigners to buy a house, which is generally RM100 million.
If the MM2H visa holder's home country has a bilateral tax treaty with the Malaysian government, the visa holder is exempt from paying tax when remitting foreign income and superannuation funds to Malaysia.
Malaysia's education system belongs to the Commonwealth education system, and it has an excellent bilingual living and educational environment in Chinese and English, coupled with many international schools and low tuition fees, it is the first choice for high-quality education abroad.
Many public and private hospitals and health centres in Malaysia are accredited by the International Joint Commission, which represents the highest medical standards and standards in the world.
New Deal conditions
【Residency requirements】
【Application Requirements】
After the main applicant is approved, the parents / parents-in-law can apply for a dependent visa, the visa duration is synchronized with the main applicant, after the main applicant is approved, the unmarried children aged 21-34 of the main applicant can apply for a dependent visa, 1 year and 1 visa, which can be renewed upon expiration.
Main applicant or spouse, 90 days in a year, or 5 days in a 450-year period (can be a couple)
Any foreign citizen recognized by the Malaysian government, the main applicant is 35 years old and above, and has no criminal record.
Applicants over the age of 35 and over 18 are required to provide a clean criminal record. The main applicant's monthly income certificate is equivalent to more than RM4,150; Proof of funds equivalent to MYR <>.<> million or more.
After approval:
RM100,35,49 fixed deposit in Malaysia, if the main applicant is 5-50 years old, an additional RM<>,<> deposit is required for each additional member added. (In the second year, you can use the consumption voucher of medical care, education, and house purchase in Malaysia to apply for withdrawal of up to RM<>,<>.) MYR deposits of affiliated members cannot be withdrawn. )

The one-stop fee for the main applicant includes: -5 years visa fee - Official government fee -Professional processing fee -
Translation fee -Lawyer fee

-Fast approval
per affiliate:

*Visa fee is RM2500 Total RM5000+RM2500: RM750
Second Home Charge,
one-stop fee RM42000
Shengtai International Special Simplified Application Conditions + Fast Processing Channel
List of required documents:
Application process
Applicant Eligibility Assessment
Submit your visa application
Obtained two approvals
Deposit MYR 100 million regularly
Get an MM2H visa
Get an MM2H visa
Fast approvals
Fast certification: ordinary institutions can obtain the certificate in 8 months, and Shengtai will obtain MM2H approval within 3-2 months, eliminating the need to wait for the application to be re-ordained for application rejection. Rejection takes three months to reapply.
Stage payment: Transparent fees, no additional fees, only half of the fee is paid before applying, 50% of the total fee (MYR 21,000), the remaining 50% is paid after successful approval 100% refund: in any case, if the application is rejected, 100%
A second home client can apply to withdraw half of their deposit one year after receiving the visa to reimburse medical expenses or purchase a property
Experience great benefits
Purchase of Shengtai projects
Buy NOVO/Smooth Sailing Get two application fees
【Smooth sailing】
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