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Founded in 2012 to cater to luxury, STI is a diversified development, real estate, investment management and hospitality company. STI is an award-winning developer with operations throughout Asia, offering a wide range of real estate products, services and brands in the premium and economy markets.
At present, it has completed the layout in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Seattle and other places. We also have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan.
Adhering to the concept of one-stop service, the Group is based on bringing Malaysia's high-quality investment projects to China, introducing domestic high-quality resources to Malaysia, and building a high-quality China-Malaysia investment channel!
Founder & President of Shengtai International
Datuk Leong Si Li
—— Group Founder & CEO ——
Datuk Leong Si Li is the founder and the driving force behind Sheng Tai International (STI). Datuk Leong is a practising lawyer with over 10 years of experience. During her legal work, she served as a legal adviser for many companies and handled many cases related to real estate sales, thus accumulating rich experience and professional knowledge in real estate legal services. During his decade leading STI, he successfully developed 12 projects with a gross development value of $7.78 billion.
Datuk Leong graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Laws degree and was admitted to the Malaysian Bar as an advocate and pleadings lawyer. The combination of legal expertise and real estate knowledge has ensured that STI has the ability to undertake complex development projects, successfully turning several failed projects around.
Datuk Leong was awarded the honorary title of "Datuk" in 2015 for her contributions to the economy and society as an entrepreneur. She is now preparing to expand and transform STI into an integrated real estate business offering premier hospitality, retail and mixed-use developments.
"We can't change the direction of the wind, but we can always sail a long way."
——Datuk Leong Seri
Key Milestone Display
Global Branch Showcase
Architectural design, engineering construction
Project acquisition, project investment
Asset reorganization and redevelopment
Project marketing, property management
Main Business - Real Estate Development
White Knight Project
01 Developer capital chain break: project rotten end
02 There is a problem with the project: it cannot be completed
03 Disputes with developers: can not normally take possession
04 Developers lack the spirit of contract: they cannot fulfill their obligations
White warrior scheme
Acquisition and reorganization:
Shengtai International acquires problematic projects for reorganization or merger; And as the acquirer,
Shengtai International not only provides strong asset support, but also assumes all debts and risks for the project and the owner.
Property replacement:
Shengtai International replaces the problem project with a high-quality project developed by itself.
And assume all claims and solve all subsequent problems.
Solve the problem
01 Project redevelopment
02 Become the owner again
03 Resolve all disputes
White Warrior success story
MAC Project: The MAC project in Yakilo, Malacca, Malaysia, was announced to be in tatters in 2016 due to the developer's funding problems, and many people fell into despair.
MITC and MBC were successfully transformed into five-star AMES Hotel and MetraSquare Hotel and Service Suites in Malacca, respectively
Renamed Junfeng Court: In 2017, Shengtai International took over, re-developed the MAC project and successfully completed it, and the MAC project was renamed Junfeng Court. So far, Junfeng Court has developed well.
MITC Project: The MITC project located in Yaquillo was announced to end at the very beginning. With a strong sense of social responsibility, Shengtai International offered a helping hand at great risk.
Renamed AMES Hotel: In 2017 Shengtai International took over, and redesigned the development, today. The MITC project has also been renamed AMES Hotel, which is now a prestigious 5-star hotel in Malacca.
Completed Project
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Shengtai International is committed to promoting cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia
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