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Elite International Schools in Malaysia
World-class education Elite University and Elite International School, established in 2014, HELP International School offers A British curriculum from pre-school to A-level and currently has 1,300 students. The educational philosophy is global and holistic, embracing the best of Eastern and Western education, and encouraging all-round development and the pursuit of excellence.
April 24, 2020 Shengtai International signed a cooperation agreement with Elite University, which is ranked in the top 10 in Malaysia and is the largest higher education institution of information technology and business in the country.
Where to study abroad in Malaysia
1. Strong teacher education. Malaysia's higher education implements a unique high-level international approach to education, in fact, it is the transfer of part or all of the courses from prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand (2 + 1,3 + 0) to Malaysian branches or partner institutions from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Malaysia. Graduate with a diploma or degree from a prestigious university in Canada and New Zealand and gain international recognition. In addition, the school also offers a large number of internship opportunities for students, so graduates of Malaysian universities are known for their high quality and practical ability.
2. Good environment for studying abroad. As we all know, Malaysia enjoys the reputation of "the charm of Asia". The twin towers, high-rise commercial blocks and rubber plantations make up a fascinating landscape with a total population of 22 million, 28% of whom are Chinese. It is easy for international students to adapt to such a city with traditional Chinese culture. Currently, 1.35 million people are enrolled in formal higher education, which is among the highest in Asia.
3. Credits can be transferred to Europe and the United States. Malaysian universities have generally opened credit transfer courses, the first two years of professional courses tuition and fees are only about 60,000 yuan, and then go to Europe and the United States to continue to study for undergraduate degrees, only 160,000 yuan, compared with direct to Europe and the United States, can save a lot of money.
4. Low cost of studying abroad. The annual tuition fees and living expenses of undergraduate students in Malaysia are about 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, while the tuition fees and living expenses of graduate students are about 70,000 yuan, which is only a quarter of the UK and far lower than other European and American countries. Students can save 50% to 70% of the cost of studying abroad, which greatly reduces the economic burden and psychological burden of students. In addition, the Malaysian government also provides scholarships for outstanding students from developing countries every year, which is worth choosing
Public schools: The language of instruction is mainly Malay, and admission to schools is arranged according to their home address.

■ Tuition Fee: RM300-1000 / year
(equivalent to 600-2000 RMB)

Chinese school: The teaching language is Chinese, inheriting traditional Chinese culture and teaching materials in Chinese.
■ Tuition Fee: RM2000-4000 / year (equivalent to RM4000-8000)

International schools: English is the main language of instruction. British or American education as the mainstream.
■ Tuition Fee: RM10,000 - RM150,000 / year
It is only a third of the domestic level
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