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Why Malaysia is suitable for growing durian
Why is durian not as afraid of market risk as other investments?
Product diversification
Big investment potential
Extremely high stability
Market appreciability
High supply demand
Durian processing industry
Durian Investment Plan
Project Location: Kelantan (Musang King Origin)

Planning Area: 200 acres per acre

Price: RM30,20

Lease Period: 40 years Investment Term

Product Service: Full custody method

*<> kg of durian per year
Choose [Shengtai International] to seize the "new gold" of agriculture
Shengtai International owns 200 acres (about 1330 acres) of Musang King Durian Agricultural Park, mastering top and stable advanced technology to ensure 100% success rate, cultivating healthy durian trees, has rich experience, adopts natural resources environmental protection technology, novel technology, planting automatic irrigation technology

The contract guarantees the number of durians planted and the number of fruits harvested
The investment is guaranteed by contract how many durian trees should be planted on the planting land and the number of fruits harvested each year
Professional management team
The contract guarantees the right to the use of the land
Domestic orders only need to be delivered within 24 hours
In addition to more than 50 years of planting experience, the management team also has a full range of investment management experience in finance and import and export trade, land and property management valuation, etc
The right to use and rights of investors on planted land are protected by law
In 2019, Malaysia durian was officially approved for import, and Shengtai International has the first-hand source of direct mail to buy West Asia.
Return on durian investment
Kelantan State Government Cooperation Agreement and Shengtai Agricultural Cooperation Agreement
Shengtai International owns 200 acres (about 1330 acres) of Musang King Durian Agricultural Park
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