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It is one of the countries with the highest medical level in Asia and has been ranked as the "World's Best Medical Country" for three consecutive years! Malaysia is the only country in Asia where the Health Department, a government agency, takes the lead in promoting international medical tourism, and all hospitals are subject to the supervision and control of the Malaysian Association for Health Quality and the International Hospital Assessment. Whether it is the hardware equipment of the hospital, the diagnosis and treatment environment, the professional level of doctors, nursing and medical services, etc., the medical level of Malaysia can be comparable to the developed countries in Europe and the United States. With its strong medical strength, Malaysia once again topped the "World's Best Medical Country" and "World's Best Retirement Country" lists of the United States "International Living". Malaysia's score was far higher than that of Thailand, which ranked 12th, as well as advanced European and American countries such as France, Spain and Italy
There are currently more than 350 hospitals in Malaysia, of which 150 are public hospitals, of which 8 are accredited by the Federation of Healthcare Organizations International (JCI). Medical costs in Malaysia are only one-sixth of those in Singapore, one-fourth of those in Europe and one-fourth of those in the United States. For the same medical service, the cost of seeking medical treatment in horses can be saved by about 50% to 75%.
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Malaysia has a more mature and reliable world standard comprehensive health care at a lower price
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Stem Cell Medical
Stem cell medicine
Control and maintain cell regeneration
Focus on cell regeneration therapy and clinical application of core technology research using regenerative cells to sing the length of life, and strive to become a health barrier for every family
Jingcheng Medical Technology is committed to providing good quality medical services
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